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Our services:
Everything from a single source.

Basic Engineering Zeichnung


The basis for a successful project is basic engineering.

  • Concept development.
  • Execution plan.
  • Dimensioning & Design.
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Inbetriebnahme eines EVB Mitarbeiters


The commissioning in the hardware and software area

  • PLC and visualization systems.
  • BUS and communication systems.
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Detail Engineering von EVB


The detailed planning is the binding specification for the later implementation.

  • Process automation.
  • Project Control.
  • Energy supply.
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Fertigung eines EVB Mitarbeiters


In the field of manufacturing, we offer qualified services from a single source.

  • Control systems in Ex version.
  • Measurements and regulations.
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Mitarbeiter von EVB bei der Montage


We provide a team with our own specialized assemblers and experienced site managers.

  • Control systems in Ex version.
  • Measurements and regulations.
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Sevice Mitarbeiter von EVB


We offer our customers a comprehensive range of EMSR services.

  • Short response times to avoid long downtimes.
  • Demand-oriented material management.
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Software Engineering von EVB

Software Engineering.

To meet your individual requirements, we create automation solutions.

  • Automation systems.
  • Visualization systems.
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Mitarbeiter von EVB bei einer Schulung


We provide special services for gas utilities.

  • Recording of GDRM plants with specially developed software solution.
  • Calculation of the intrinsic safety verification.
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Mitarbeiter von EVB in der Besprechung

EVB Technik is your specialist for holistic EMSR and automation solutions.

By dovetailing our most important areas of activity, we ensure that all the services required are in perfect harmony with each other, from planning, through project planning, implementation and training, to support.

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